Brighten Your Garden With Bird Feeders

If you’re looking for a way to really brighten and liven up your garden this spring/summer season, why not invite birds into your garden? Nothing summons more than the sound and sight of birds chirping.  And with the simple addition of a bird feeder, you can welcome all of those beautiful colours and sounds into your own natural surrounding.

Read on to learn a few of the basics about bird feeders and how they can really brighten up your spring garden.

Learn what birds are native to your area

Different species of birds require different types of food. So before you get started, take some time to research what birds are native to your local area. Once you learn what the species of birds are, you can then focus on what type of food to have in your feeder to attract certain species.

Be consistent with your supply

Birds are also very intelligent creatures and they learn very quickly. So one you stalk up your feeder for the first time, as they begin to recognize your feeder, it’s important to be consistent with supplying food and water throughout the year if you want them to hang around.

Finding a location to place feeder

Selecting the location of where to hang the feeder is also very important. The main factor is to place it at least 8-10 feet away from shrubbery or anything that can allow easy access for predators. It’s also helpful to place it somewhere that isn’t so exposed to harsh winds.

Use a bird feeder pole

Sometimes a bird feeder pole might be necessary to hang the feeder from if you don’t have a convenient place where squirrels can’t access the feed. These are usually made of rust-resistant iron and can be found at many garden supply or hardware stores.

Combining feeder with a birdbath

Water is just as important as feed, especially throughout the year during the winter when water is frozen. So placing a birdbath in close proximity to your feeder is an excellent way at really attracting a consistent presence of birds to your garden.

Why not welcome spring into your garden each year by adding a bird feeder? It’s the perfect way to let the sounds and sights of spring brighten up your entire outdoor space!

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