Mortgage Broker vs Direct Lender Which is Best for You

Mortgage Broker vs Direct Lender: Which is Best for You?

Today, let’s explore the ages-old mortgage broker versus direct lender argument in more detail. Perhaps we can help you determine which is not simply the right or wrong choice, but rather the ideal one for your needs and use case.


How to Share Expenses with Your Roommate

Moving into a house off campus can be very exciting and liberating. You finally get to take the reigns as an adult, gain independence, and learn to handle the everyday tasks of running a home. But how do you decide what you and your roommate pay for? And how do you share the expenses? Before you get stuck in an unfavourable situation with your roommate, read on as we help guide you on the best way to share the expenses. […]


How to Prepare Your Finances Before Moving

Moving to a new city or country often costs more money than most people prepare for financially. There are expenses you need to consider beyond just the moving company and rental deposit/purchase price. Getting your finances in order is necessary to avoid getting stuck in deep water without a life jacket. And here’s a list of how you can better prepare your finances before you make the big move. Start A Spreadsheet Start with creating a spreadsheet that lists out […]


Tips for Budgeting with Two Incomes

Finances are a common point of contention within a household. Management of same can also be a difficult challenge, but it is a challenge that must be met in order to sustain a healthy living environment. Coming up with an agreed-upon plan to successfully manage the flow of money within your household is the best way to ensure you always have enough for what you need and with any luck a little bit left for play. It can be difficult […]

Build business credit to get approved for any lease

Corporate Credit & Corporate Rentals

Building corporate credit is important. You have your personal credit that you can use, but it is not recommended. If your business goes under, you too will suffer because you used your personal record to be approved for loans and other forms of credit. However, if you have built corporate credit, you can get business loans under your business name. This way, you need not worry about having your personal credit record affected in the unfortunate event that your business […]

Home Insurance

Why Home Insurance Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

This is a guest post courtesy of Rowat Insurance. You’ve just moved into your first home. You make sure every detail is perfect, switching over hydro bills, picking out paint colours, and even making sure your curtains are just right. You’ve filled your house with valuables, from expensive electronic equipment to treasured photo albums. But did you remember to get Home Insurance? Here are some reasons why home insurance shouldn’t be overlooked: Weather Disasters Much as we wish it were […]