4 Ways to Keep Your Home Well-Maintained this Winter

If you’re not looking forward to winter, have you considered whether the condition of your home is a contributing factor? From the furnace to shingles and insulation, winter can sometimes feel like a time where regular maintenance gets a bit neglected. The good thing is, it doesn’t have to! Here are some key ways you can better maintain your home this winter and have a more enjoyable season, with advice straight from the experts in home maintenance.   Inspect and […]


When to Clean Your Rain Gutters

Ignoring the maintenance of your gutters could end up costing you potentially thousands of dollars in repairs in the future. It’s easy enough to neglect them, but the gutters along the roof play a pretty significant role in preventing water damaging from occurring on your roof, as well as along the walls, ceilings and foundation of your home. To safeguard your home against moisture damage or costly repairs, follow this guide on how and when to clean out those gutters. […]


4 Signs That You Should Avoid a Rental Unit

Rental units are a dime a dozen in most cities, and it goes without saying that for every ten wonderful rental properties out there, there are a few that should simply not be made available for new tenants. Here are some telltale signs that the property you’re considering should be avoided. Only The Apartment Itself Feels Right If you’re happy with what appears to be a clean, well-maintained apartment but the rest of the building doesn’t meet the same level […]


4 Ways to Avoid Basement Flooding

The thought of walking down and seeing your basement floor swimming in a pool of water can be an absolute nightmare. It’s safe to say that it’s one we’d all rather avoid having to endure in life. And that’s why it’s so important to take the appropriate steps to protect your basement and home from being vulnerable to flooding. So if you want to ensure that your home is protected, here are 4 ways to help avoid basement flooding. Efficient […]

Stretch PVC Ceiling in Living Room

Why Stretch Ceilings Are Better

When it comes to home renovations, you probably don’t even think about your ceiling. But when you have an incredibly elegant room topped by a ceiling that went out of style in the 1980s, there’s room for improvement. Consider the following reasons why stretch ceilings are better than their drywall or plaster counterparts: Quick & Clean Installation Stretch ceilings can be installed very quickly, within a matter of hours for a medium-sized room. In no time, you can have your […]