5 Advantages of Renting a Condo

Moving into a condo development is like joining a community within a community, and it can often be more beneficial to those who don’t require or want excessive space or acres of land to maintain. Here are some advantages to renting a condo that are surprisingly overlooked by many searching for the ideal place to call home.


You might not think of a home connected on either side to other units as private, but condos allow for maximum privacy without sacrificing the comforts of home. Intended to mimic the design and style of neighbouring units, they also give nosy neighbours less incentive to poke their heads around if everything from the street looks the same.


Many condo developments offer secure enclaves, security gates, checkpoints, camera and alarm systems, patrolling security staff, and intercom systems, among other protective features. Enclaves in particular are ideal, as they shelter developments from the street with foliage, structural decorations or other features. They allow residents to coexist harmoniously without outside interference. If unruly neighbours begin to cause problems, however, security staff or the development’s homeowner’s association will intervene to remedy any disturbances.


It might sound lazy to some, but focusing on making memories rather than busywork can be more beneficial to the human mind. As such, living in a condo usually comes with the added perk of maintenance workers, who will tend to repairs, waste disposal, landscaping duties, inspections, and more. Maintenance staff can be a valuable and useful addition to your everyday life and alleviate many common frustrations of homeowners. Keep this in mind the next time a few dozen centimetres of snow covers your driveway.

Common Facilities

Every condo development is unique, and with that, you just might come across even more perks associated with moving in. Common facilities including swimming pools, gyms, tennis and basketball courts, soccer pitches, and even coy ponds, libraries, or lush gardens might be available to residents. Depending on what you’re paying, you can expect more or less of these common spaces to exist in the development you choose.

Lower Cost

This is the most obvious reason people search for condos. Everybody likes to save money, and it goes without saying that renting a condo will be cheaper than having a swath of land with a house. Consider that basically all repairs, upgrades, yard work, protection, safety inspections, cleaning, tools, and the bills associated with them will be your own responsibility. Of course, responsibility is a good thing for anyone, but for those with thinner wallets in need of a new home, condos are a wonderful alternative.

Renting a condo has never been easier, and there have never been more developments available to choose from. Search for units, features, and prices that pique your interest. Read things over, and consider whether this cost-saving living strategy would be ideal for you and your household.

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