Spring Cleaning: Time to Declutter

When you finally roll up your sleeves to embrace the spring cleaning fever, take this opportunity to declutter and make more space in your home. A thorough cleaning allows you to clear out any unused junk so that you can free up more space to breathe and live in. So, when it’s time to get in on the spring cleaning, here’s how you can tackle it.

Start from the Top to Bottom

When you begin your clean, it’s always a helpful method to begin from the top and work your way down. So if you have an attic that you haven’t been in for years, begin there. Each item that you want to discard can be moved downward until you have a section of the home (or the garage) where you can place items for recycling, donation or trash.

Focus on the bulky Items First

As you move throughout your home from room to room, it helps to focus on the larger, bulky items first. For example, if you have unused dressers, or a TV stand from the 90s that you know will never be used, remove any of those larger, cumbersome objects first. This will help clear up room and give you more space to clean out the rest of the room that you’re focusing on.

Move into the Deeper Layers

Once larger items have been removed, you can focus on being more thorough with the deeper layers of cleaning. This can involve going through old cupboards, disposing of old, burnt out light bulbs for example, cleaning through any drawers and closets as well. Be stern and strict as you move along through the clean out.

Dispose of Items

Finally, once you have determined what’s staying and what’s not, you will need to determine how to dispose of various items. You can donate items, set up a garage sale, and take old construction material and garbage to the dump.

So now it’s in your hands – clean up and have your home fresh and ready for the summer in no time!

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