Stretch PVC Ceiling in Living Room

Why Stretch Ceilings Are Better

When it comes to home renovations, you probably don’t even think about your ceiling. But when you have an incredibly elegant room topped by a ceiling that went out of style in the 1980s, there’s room for improvement. Consider the following reasons why stretch ceilings are better than their drywall or plaster counterparts:

Quick & Clean Installation

Stretch ceilings can be installed very quickly, within a matter of hours for a medium-sized room. In no time, you can have your drab original ceiling replaced with an enhanced and modern look. Stretch ceilings do not require preliminary preparation of the ceiling or walls. Because of the unique installation process, stretch ceilings can also be installed with no dust or debris. This means you don’t have to waste time clearing out the room, covering over furniture to protect it from falling debris, or slave to clean up the mess afterward.

Many Colour and Design Options

Stretch ceilings, which are made of thin decorative fabric or PVC film, come in amazing array of colour and design options. This means that you can choose a unique design that matches the style of the room and personality of the owner. Say goodbye to bland popcorn ceilings, and welcome the elegant and stylish look of ceiling prints, 3D structures, or a creative tile design.

Incredibly Durable

The colours on stretch ceilings do not fade, and the surface will not peel, stain, crack, or flake. You won’t have any trouble with mold or mildew, and it is resistant to water leakage. Stretch ceilings are fireproof, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic, and they don’t create dust like some other ceiling surfaces. Stretch ceilings actually improve room acoustics and block external noise. The unique mounted tracking system also means you can hide pipes, ducts, and wires behind the ceiling, keeping your room clean and sharp.

Sophisticated Look

Simply put, there is no more sophisticated ceiling option than stretch ceilings. If you want an upscale look that will impress all guests and make you feel incredibly proud of your home, then stretch ceilings are the perfect option. Stretch ceilings instantly enhance the look of any room and can really express your personality and creativity. Show your unique side and opt for stretch ceilings.

When you’re undergoing a home renovation, don’t just leave the ceiling as-is. Instead, opt for a stretch ceiling and treat yourself with a modern and elegant upgrade.

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