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Why Home Insurance Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

This is a guest post courtesy of Rowat Insurance.

You’ve just moved into your first home. You make sure every detail is perfect, switching over hydro bills, picking out paint colours, and even making sure your curtains are just right. You’ve filled your house with valuables, from expensive electronic equipment to treasured photo albums. But did you remember to get Home Insurance? Here are some reasons why home insurance shouldn’t be overlooked:

Weather Disasters

Much as we wish it were possible, we can’t control the weather. Hurricanes, heavy wind, heavy rain, and lightning can cause tremendous damage to your home, especially to the exterior. With whipping winds and crashing rain, wind and water damage are very real possibilities. Home insurance protects you by providing compensation so your home can be repaired or even rebuilt. Disastrous weather can be challenging enough, the last thing you want to deal with is attempting to repair the damage without support through your insurance.


One of the biggest imaginable nightmares is a home fire. Aside from the risk to your family and pets, fire can quickly destroy a house and make it uninhabitable. Fortunately, home insurance helps to cover the cost of repair and get your home back into a livable state. Burning and smoke damage can severely compromise the structural integrity of the home, and home insurance helps to compensate and get the rebuilding process started quickly.

Loss of Personal Belongings

Whether due to theft or damage caused by disasters, loss of personal belongings can be very difficult. Whether there was an emotional attachment to the belongings or whether the loss represents practical difficulties, home insurance ensures your belongings can quickly be replaced so you can get back on track. Clothing, furniture, appliances, and electronics can be replaced under ordinary home insurance plans.


Unfortunately, some homes may be targets of vandalism. Seasonal homes like cottages, which may be left unoccupied for long stretches of time, can particularly be targeted by nefarious individuals. Fortunately, home insurance protects against damage caused by vandalism, undoing cruel actions like window breaking and returning your home to its original state.


You can get home insurance customized to meet the specific needs of you and your living situation and list of valuables. Jewellery, artwork, and even home-related equipment like bicycles can be protected under custom home insurance plans. Furthermore, you can also protect homes aside from your primary residence, like cottages, mobile homes, and rented properties.

In events of weather disasters, fire, and vandalism, you’ll be glad you didn’t overlook home insurance. Enjoy the security of home insurance and protect your belongings and property.

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