Stylish and Affordable Window Coverings for Your Rental

When renting a property and living in close proximity to others, it’s important to have ample privacy as well as the ability to block out the sun or stormy weather. Thankfully, there are several low-cost ways to cover your windows that don’t sacrifice stylishness along the way. Here are a few examples, which may or may not call to you depending on your tastes.

Bamboo Blinds and Shades

Environmentally friendly and very affordable, bamboo blinds and pull-down shades are wonderful additions to windows of rooms yearning for a warmer and more and exotic atmosphere. A cheaper but equally stylish alternative to wooden blinds, they provide ample privacy and lend a charmingly idyllic, and rustic style to any room in your rented home.

Layered Basic Coverings

By incorporating multiple sets of incredibly cheap yet otherwise drab and plain sheers alongside a clean yet basic set of blinds, you can turn your frugality into a clever form of creative expressionism. Another trick is to incorporate bed sheets of solid colours or subtle patterns that coordinate well together, trimming and fitting them to suit, and then add them to a cheap piece of unassuming PVC piping to give the impression of your room boasting an upscale atmosphere. If your guest look closely and happen to notice your technique, they just might be inspired to cut costs and try it out in their own homes. You never know!

Window Scarves

Go for a stylish bohemian approach by incorporating tastefully woven window scarves — but you don’t have to just run out and buy a purpose-built set. Instead, head to a local thrift store and see what unique fabrics you can come up with. Entire wardrobes end up in such places, so it’s often that you’ll find several pieces with matching colours or patterns. Take them home and then measure, cut, and sew accordingly. With some careful attention to detail, you can easily create a chic atmosphere at home oozing personality and stylish charm without breaking the bank. The same thing can be done for sheers with bed sheets, so long as you carefully measure and cut them so they won’t look raggedy.

Renting an apartment or home doesn’t mean you have to splurge on expensive window coverings. If possible, pick a rental that has new replacement windows so that your coverings are strictly for convenience and comfort, instead of a full cover scenario.

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