Ways to Save Money on Your A/C Bill

Air conditioning bills are, to many, a necessary evil. However, with some clever workarounds and an ability to resist the urge to leap for that thermostat, there are ways to minimize the financial impact it will make. Here are some ways you can easily save money on your air conditioning and energy bills this summer.

Interior Renovations

By choosing a landlord that has renovated the interior of their home, including increased insulation efficiency and more, you’ll be able to more easily control and maintain temperatures inside. Upgrading windows, doors, ventilation, seals, and wall insulation will make it far less of an expense to operate your air conditioning system during warmer weather, as less usage will be required to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Take the time to inspect the quality of your home’s insulation, as even making a few adjustments could help to cut back on air conditioner usage.

Pay Attention To The Thermostat

Air conditioning systems are known to operate most efficiently at full speed during longer periods of time. Setting it to a lower temperature when you get home will be more financially beneficial than leaving it to cycle on and off throughout the entire day. Investing in a programmable thermostat is a crucial step you can take towards regulating your system’s minimum operating temperature. Try programming it to operate at higher temperatures while you’re away, cooling down just before you’re scheduled to arrive home. Being conscientious and perceptive is an important part of air conditioner ownership, unless if you want to be stuck with high bills.

Fire Up The Grill

It’s obvious that cooking indoors produces heat, so why not take advantage of the temporarily beautiful weather and barbeque outside? Cooking outdoors prevents heat and pollutants from being trapped inside your home, therefore keeping your air cleaner, fresher, and cooler. This means that your air conditioner won’t have to go through extra hoops to regulate a set temperature.

Exterior Protection

What do reflective roofs, trees, window and door awnings, bright-coloured exterior finishes, and ample shrubbery have in common? Well, they all are excellent ways to dissipate heat from your home. Choosing a rental with even a few of these recommended features would surely drastically cut back the amount of heat your home absorbs. Plants help create oxygen and clean the air, lowering humidity and helping to filter fresh air throughout your property. Awnings and protective covers prevent direct sunlight and heat from being sucked through windows and doors and inside, and a reflective roof is the equivalent of slapping a highly effective “return to sender” stamp on the heat being directed at your home. All of these features will enable you to cut back on air conditioner usage, as the interior temperature will be less impacted by the conditions outside.

If you are able to acquire a rental with even a few of these highlights, and implement good energy use habits, your bills will be significantly lower over time with each day of less-intensive usage. If you do start to see spikes in your bill with no obvious reasoning, be sure to contact your landlord as you may require HVAC maintenance.

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