Planning a Dinner Party in a Small Apartment

Planning a dinner party for this weekend, but worried that your small apartment just won’t cut it? Don’t worry, there are some easy ways turn your tiny apartment into a decent space for entertaining. Read on as we highlight the best 5 tips for planning a successful dinner party in a small apartment space.

Store Unused Items

When you plan to have several people in your small apartment, move the items that will take up room and won’t be used. Things like your TV stand, potted plants and any extra clutter that can be easily moved should be placed in a separate room (even your bedroom) temporarily to create more space.

Rearrange Furniture

Once you have more room in your apartment, you can then rearrange your furniture to create optimal room for entertaining. Start with pushing your couch and table up against a wall so you have more space for your guests to move around. Pull out some chairs from your table to have more seating options for people to relax on.

Optimize A Closet For Belongings

When guests come over, they often throw their shoes, coats, bags, and other belongings right at your front entrance space. This area can become cluttered and can start to shift into the rest of the party area. To avoid this from happening, designate a spot for your guests to put their stuff. If you have a large closet, use it. Otherwise use a bedroom space you won’t be using.

Use A Fan Or Air-Conditioner

The more people you put in your small space, the hotter it will get. If you can’t open the windows, or if it’s too warm outside for that to be an option, put on the air-conditioning or get the fans running. And don’t forget to monitor the temperature – if your guests are putting on sweaters or hiding outside you may want to turn down the A/C.

Spread Out Food

In a small space, if you disperse the food around on different tables or areas it will help prevent having everyone congregating in one spot. You can use the kitchen counter, the coffee table, and any other handy surface to place some food on.

Reduce Garbage

Resist the urge to buy everything disposable that you can just throw into the garbage. Sure, it’s easier but not exactly environmentally friendly. Instead, purchase re-usable plastic cups and plates from your local dollar store. And instead of having people pile them up around the house, have two bins – one for garbage and one for dirty dishes and label them so people will put their garbage and plates in the designated spot instead of all over the place.

Once you have your apartment optimized for entertaining just remember to take the time to also enjoy it. No party is a party without you as the host getting time to spend with all your guests.

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