Home Decor Trends Summer 2017

Ready to say goodbye to the out-dated 2016 home décor trends? As a homeowner, it’s always exciting to see what type of new and exciting features pop up in the world of interior design to get ideas for your own home. And this year, you better be prepared because bold and cheery colourful motifs and patterns are making waves as popular home décor trends for summer 2017.

Faux Finishes

We’ve all gotten on the faux fur wagon and love it with prices we can afford. And you can expect the same thing this year for home décor. We’re talking about faux finishes like ceiling beams, engineered quartz, even faux leather counters. These offer great alternatives that are budget-friendly and attractive.

Navy, Navy And More Navy!

Remember the days when navy was a colour that you’d rather just ignore? Well, not anymore! Navy is the new black, and we can’t get enough of it. It’s warm, cozy, rich and pairs so well with rustic wooden features and finishes that are also popular among the design world right now.

Fold-up Appliances And Furniture

As space becomes more limited for homeowners, manufacturers are starting to reinvent appliances and furniture that are more practical for smaller units that can allow you to take fully advantage of every square foot. Items like retractable hoods for kitchen islands, fold-up couches and even re-tractable beds are becoming more popular this year.

Adding More Texture

An emphasis on texture is also a highlight, as more of us want that sense of touch and comfort to be a priority at home. Attention to materials that feel soft and luxurious to lounge on like velvet, cotton and mohair is what you can expect to see throughout the summer.

Mixed Patterns

Mixed patterns, cheery colours, and all the mismatched elements are coming together to form statement pieces that create focal points of a room. Whether it’s a focal wall with patterned wallpaper, or even an exciting comforter – bold and busy patterns can create enticing focal points in a room that just work.

If you’re keen to keep up with the new home décor trends of 2017, summer is all about embracing the faux finishes to take the pressure off of your budget and to get crazy with patterns and textures. But above all, just remember to focus on what you like, because after all, that’s what really matters.

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