Easiest Plants for Beginner Gardener

Starting your first garden can be a bit overwhelming when you’re a beginner. Choosing the right plants to grow, and learning the in’s and out’s of gardening can be very confusing. Luckily there are some plants you can work with that will be easy to grow from a packet of seeds or starter plants, and require little maintenance. Here is a list of our favourites plants for beginner gardeners.

Salad Greens

You can pick up a pack of your favourite type of summer greens and plant them in the ground in the early spring and fall. You can even opt for a mix and grow lettuce, spinach and arugula at the same time.


Whether you like bell peppers, hot peppers or both, these are some of the easiest plants to grow. You can plant these right after the last frost, in a warm and sunny location for optimal growing conditions. Water regularly, sit back, relax and watch as they grow.


All you need is a stake and cage to get the tomato plants growing into a nice lush crop that you can enjoy. They love warmth so plant in late spring or early summer. And don’t forget to give each plant enough room to grow – about 2 to 3 feet apart. You can grow from seed but it may be easier to purchase a small starter plant at your local garden store.


Strawberries are a hardy fruit that love sun and have a range of varieties to choose from. The best part of planting strawberries is that it will only take a few rows to get a decent yield. Then you can harvest them and fill your freezer and fridge with fresh berries when you need them.


Looking for an easy-to-grow herb to add flavour and accent all your meals? Try planting basil. You can easily grow it from seeds or transplant it from a pot. When it’s ready, it’s as easy as running out to your garden, clipping off some basil leaves, washing them and adding it right to your recipe.


There aren’t many dishes that don’t require a flavourful base of onions, so why not have a variety of onions at your disposal? Beyond being easy to grow, they also require little space. They also easily grow from seed or bulbs, with onion bulbs being hardier and therefore easier for beginner gardeners. Just look for the tops to appear golden yellow, then bend the tops to lay on the ground for 24 hours or until the bulbs turn brown. Then they are ready to be pulled and dried out in the sun for a day or two before using in your next delicious recipe.

It doesn’t take a seasoned gardener to plant a beautiful and full garden, especially if you are using the above varieties that are hardy and require little to no maintenance. As a beginner, start with these above plants to get a summer and fall worth of delicious food right from your backyard.

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