5 Home Design Trends of 2017

2017 is gearing up to be one of the most extraordinary and unique years when it comes to interior design trends. It’s fascinating to see patterns, décor, colours, and themes from yesteryear returning to thriving popularity and relevance. Here are 5 home design trends that will make heads turn this year for better, rather than for worse.


Motifs, patterns, and actual framed species — any way you can incorporate the beauty of these winged gems, you can be assured of a fashionable home that will start conversations and inspire envious friends. Previously banished to children’s rooms or nurseries, these beautiful, multi-coloured insects are now free to spread throughout your stale interior. They’re a perfect way of adding vibrancy and character to any home, and play nicely with solid colours.

Cerused Wood

The process of applying special techniques to a wood surface to bring out its unique grain, cerused finishes offer as natural a look as possible for wood furniture, surfaces, and décor… minus the splinters. Most effective when applied to larger furnishings such as tables, chairs, storage furniture, and countertops, cerused finishes provide an air of natural splendour. Previously common in high-end spaces, lately this technique has crept into universal acceptance.

Smart Homes

LED light bulbs with remote-controlled settings and mood lighting features, digital thermostats that adjust automatically according to the temperature, wireless charging pads for smartphones, and alarm systems that contact the appropriate authorities for you are just a few examples of how firmly tethered we are to smart living. Applying these features to your home will not only make it more edgy and feel like you’re living in a spy thriller, but their energy efficiency will also cut on hydro, heating, and utility bills depending on what you opt for.


Brushed aluminum and stainless steel is so 2014. Metals such as copper are back in style, perhaps to combat the dystopian vibe of the world today with some inviting warmth. It looks stunning on everything from stoves to light fixtures, and if applied in moderation, it will make your home feel more comfortable and welcoming.

Furry Furniture

No, it’s not because of the recent surge in animated films starring anthropomorphic animals — soft, furry cushions and upholstery are back with a vengeance. Everything from throws to pillows and chair cushions is the ideal candidate for some fluffing up. Faux-fur furniture allows for your home to feel even more comfortable and cozy, and nothing beats snuggling up in a stylish living chair as soft as a cotton ball. Neutral colours are ideal, to maximize aesthetic appeal and minimize blatant weirdness.

This year, indulge in shaking things up to dispel staleness. Refreshing your home and adding a bit of playful flair does wonders for the imagination and spirits, and the great thing about interior design is that sometimes only a few small changes are enough to alter your home’s atmosphere for the better.

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