Understanding the Benefits of Natural Light

Do you find your home a bit darker than you’d like? Do you wish you could capture more of the limited winter daylight? If so, choose a rental unit with large windows and plenty of natural light. Consider these benefits:

Health Effects

Natural sunlight is extremely important for the human mind and body. Our bodies use sunlight to gain focus, feel positive, stave off disease, and as a source of vitamin D. We use sunlight to regulate our sleep patterns. If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep at night or rise in the morning without a blaring alarm, a lack of natural sunlight may be a contributing factor. People with more exposure to natural sunlight are happier and more productive.

Enjoying the View

Does your city and neighbourhood have beautiful views? Windows don’t just improve your health by bringing in natural light, they also expose you to the beautiful views. When looking for an apartment, seeking the million-dollar view can cost nearly that much! Instead, try to find the beauty in the simple things. Like finding an apartment with a view of a quaint, quiet park.

Reduce Energy Bills

If your home does not receive enough natural light, you are more likely to turn on artificial lights earlier and longer. If you find yourself routinely turning on artificial lights during the day, it’s time to make a change. Not only does artificial light not have the same health effects as natural light, it adds up on your energy bill each month. On average, artificial lights contribute around ten percent to your home’s energy bill. Choosing a property with new vinyl windows will pay large dividends down the road as you are able to significantly cut down your energy consumption each month.

South-Facing Windows

Assuming they are not obstructed by large trees or other buildings, your home’s south-facing windows will have the most access to natural sunlight throughout the day. If possible, see if rental units have south-side-facing windows! While this is likely not going to be your deciding factor, it is a factor to consider!

Ultimately, find the right apartment is about finding the most items on your “wish list” as possible in one place. While you will likely need to make sacrifices, by taking in all the factors and following your gut, you will surely find the new home of your dreams!

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