3 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

So you’ve finally found your new dream home and the moving date is set – now what? Where do you begin so that you can avoid having a chaotic and stressful move? Here we break down some simple, yet important tasks for you to follow to avoid falling into moving mayhem.

Make a Moving To-Do Checklist

In order to avoid leaving everything to the last stressful minute, start by making a designated moving checklist. This should break everything down into a general timeline to help organize your time. This will differ for everyone, but by writing down tasks, you can help stay on track and ahead of the big day.

It is good to give yourself at least two months prior to the big move, categorizing tasks spaced out over this timeframe. Tasks should include, for example, figuring out if you’re going to use a moving company or renting a truck yourself. Research quotes from at least a few different moving companies to compare. Go through each week thereafter and create a priority list like this.

Once you hit the one-week mark, you should have most of your items organized and packed away, nicely labelled according to room so that it is easier on moving day. You should also begin the cleaning process of your current home, and contact your moving company to confirm once again about the details of the moving day.

Avoid Common Packing Mistakes

There are many common packing mistakes that you can easily avoid once you are aware of them. These are some of the most common:

  • Don’t over-pack boxes with heavy items– consider using plastic bins to pack away heavy items such as books or fragile kitchenware. This can avoid the risk of boxes breaking.
  • Don’t waste box space with linens – toss in plastic bags.
  • Don’t be stingy with the tape – seal those boxes well!

Create a File for Documents

Don’t cause any unnecessary stress during the move by tearing your house apart to try and find important documents. Create a designated file right from the beginning to contain any moving related items, such as contracts, insurance and even contact information for cancelling or setting up services like Internet and cable.

Ask for Help

What are good friends and family for if not to help you on moving day? Don’t be afraid to enlist some help. You can have a packing party, and supply the pizza and refreshments to show your gratitude. Of course, always offer to return the favor in the future.

Moving can actually be a simple, stress-free process. Start your moving process nice and early by creating a master list. Follow through these other simple steps and you’ll be set and ready when moving day arrives.

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