How to Spot a High Quality Rental

There have never been so many home rental options readily available on the market as there are today. That being said, these rentals range in terms of quality, and you don’t want to be stuck in one full of problems or challenges. Here are some key characteristics of high quality rentals that you should definitely keep an eye out for.

Structural Integrity

Good quality rentals are those that have reliable and strong foundations and structural components, or those that have had these issues addressed and properly repaired. Ensure that the foundation is free of major cracks or fragmentation. If the foundation is warped, mossy, or heavily cracked, it could be the sign of possible structural problems. This will worsen with each passing season, especially during extreme temperatures, and can make your home more difficult to keep warm or cool. If you notice sagging or leaning walls, uneven floors, or that the exterior of the building is clearly not level, it’s best to steer clear.

Good, Quality Roof

A healthy roof makes for a healthy home, and it should be one of the first things you keep an eye out for when viewing a rental property. Ensure that the roof is free of curling or cupping shingles, and that the material used to hold them together isn’t visible. If the property includes an attic, check it thoroughly to ensure it is properly insulated and free of other seal-related issues, as the condition of this area is often an indicator of what shape the roof is in. You don’t want to settle into a home that needs a roof repair. You will be dealing with leaks and discomfort.

Another sign of a good, quality condition roof is that it and the home are free of rust, cracked caulk, and large clusters of moss or lichen. These are dead giveaways of a roof in poor condition if you see them, so be sure to look carefully when inspecting your potential new home.

Follow Your Nose

A good quality rental should feel clean and inviting, and an odourless or naturally clean-smelling home — free of air fresheners masking hidden smells — is an indicator of a healthy environment. Unwelcome or potent stenches in basements or bathrooms can be signs of mildew or mould problems hiding in plain sight, and also an indicator of major pests such as German Cockroaches. Not going alone will allow for a second sniffer to give the property an inspection as well, and if both of you identify specific problem areas, it could be a sign of a health and safety hazard.

In conclusion, a high quality rental is inviting, clean, free of structural problems, and topped with a healthy roof. Be sure to keep an eye out for these characteristics during your next visit to a rental property, and it’ll be easier than ever to find the ideal new home.


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