Creating Space in a Small Apartment

Have you just moved into a small studio apartment? Finding it hard to get all your stuff in? You’re not alone. Many people move into smaller spaces, only to find it difficult to get all their belongings to fit, and to even move around comfortably. But don’t fret – we can help you create the space you need to make your small apartment feel twice as big and cozy.

Group Furniture Together

First, place all your furnishings into smaller groups. This will open up any tight areas, and allow you to create boundaries between sections, such as the kitchen and living room space.

Store Vertically

A fantastic way to save on space is to add shelving to your walls. You can use the extra storage space for fancy dishes, picture frames, books, and anything else that you have limited space for.

Create Pathways

Learning how you move throughout your apartment can be a terrific way to strategize on where to place your belongings. When doing the walk through if you find that you’re bumping into a chair or table, move them. Your goal should be to create clear pathways throughout your space.

Paint Light Colours

By painting your apartment in light colours – white, eggshell, beige, or yellow – you can instantly transform the area to appear more spacious. Plus, it will give your space a more friendly and airy feel.

Multipurpose Furniture

Thanks to the condo boom, there are lots of styles of multipurpose furniture to now choose from. These space savers can help cut down on much needed room. Crafty designs like tables that have fold-in chairs, or 2 chairs in 1 designs, and coffee tables with hidden compartments are just three examples of how transforming furniture designs can help you get more space you need.

Go Clutter Free

The more clutter you have, the smaller your area will feel. Control your clutter by creating one single area for your keys, letters, papers, and other items that normally pile up. Then make sure to go through this area at least once a week to toss away any items you really don’t need.

Let In The Light

Enhancing the natural light in a room will not only make your room appear much brighter but also create an illusion of more space by eliminating any shadows. You can also try adding a mirror to reflect the light from a window to create more depth in your room. And for optimal aesthetics, always place your furniture so that you can view the outdoors.

You don’t have to feel suffocated by all your stuff when you live in a small apartment. Follow these quick tips to get more functional space, and to really enjoy the coziness that a small apartment can bring.

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